Capacity Building Seminar

Capacity Building Seminar Follow Up Pack

19th of January 2014


The BABELNOR Capacity Building Seminar took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 19th to the 25th of August 2013.


The main goals of the seminar was to empower LGBTIQ* youth human rights activists and convey tools for organisational development.


Thanks to LNU (Norwegian Council of Children and Youth) and the Norwegian Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina for financial support and SOC (Sarajevo Open Center) for hosting and logistics of the seminar.


This follow-up pack aims to be a reminder for the participants of the seminar and a starting point for further exploration into the topics of the seminar. Each summary is structured like this: facilitator, defining topic and goals, content of session, appendix.


The pack is the product of notes from the different sessions and should be seen as a source of inspiration and a basic entry point into central topics of activism, not as a scientific research.


You can download it here.



Call for participants

9 June 2013


The BABELNOR network is delighted to invite you to the first Capacity Building Seminar (CBS). The seminar will gather 30 young people from the BABELNOR member countries and will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 19th to 25th of August 2013. The conference is funded by the The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU) and the Norwegian Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The venue of the seminar is Hotel Hayat.


Please apply by filling out the online application form.


Deadline for applying is 3rd of July.


The participants will be announced on 6th of July.




BABELNOR is a network consisting of 20 organisations from 15 countries from the Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus and the Nordic countries. These countries are Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine.

The network aims to empower, motivate, and mobilise LGBTIQ* youth activists from the member organisations and countries through networking and sharing best practices and providing mutual support.


Objectives of the Capacity Building Seminar


1. Empowering LGBTIQ* youth human rights activists through:

  • Non-formal education
  • Sharing experience
  • Norm criticism
  • Promoting law efficiency / advocacy

    2. Conveying tools for organisational development

  • Conflict solving
  • Crisis management
  • Leadership skills
  • Organisational culture
  • Implementing ideas / project management

    3. Making a strategy and activities for the BABELNOR network until 2014

    4. Creating a joint BABELNOR campaign

    5. Creating a personal strategy for developing




Attached here you can find the preliminary agenda of the seminar. The agenda may be subject of changes.


Participant profile


  • Between 18-30 years of age
  • Somewhat experienced with activism
  • Member of a BABELNOR organisation or living in a BABELNOR country
  • Good English skills
  • At least 1 year of experience with activism
  • Open to sharing personal experiences and learning from other participants
  • Able to act as multipliers in their own community
  • Motivated to continue working with the BABELNOR network in the future


    Selection of participants


    Each member organisation is entitled to send at least 1 person. The prep team will select participants taking into consideration geographical and gender balance.


Working methods


The core work at the seminar is envisioned as a combination between non-formal education and expert lectures. Through a variety of learning tools such as panel and plenary discussions, public presentations, working in group and home groups, and sharing best practices and personal experiences, the participants are expected to get the most out of the five main topics of the seminar:


  • LGBTIQ* youth activism
  • organisational development and organisational culture
  • norm criticism
  • law and advocacy (emphasis on hate crime/speech and discrimination)
  • implementing ideas / project management


Costs and travel


Food, accommodation and travel will be covered by the seminar budget. Participants should choose the most reasonable way of travel. In most cases this would be flying, or arranging joint travels by car from countries nearby. Travel will be reimbursed after the seminar. Participants should be able to participate for minimum 80% of the programme in order to get their costs reimbursed.




Any questions concerning the seminar can be raised by sending a mail to


Hoping to see you at the Capacity Building Seminar in Sarajevo in August!


Yours truly,


The prep team

Antonio, Eirik, Enida, Kiril, MariƱa and Natallia


  • We embrace diversity
  • We believe that through dialogue we can develop knowledge
  • With partnerships we can provide equality
  • We are human rights based
  • We approach issues with flexibility and open-mindedness
  • We strive continuously to develop and challenge ourselves
  • We believe that our biggest challenge in society, heteronormativity, can be changed through norm criticism
  • We are sex-positive
  • We use the term LGBTIQ* to include everyone, despite sexual orientation, sexuality, gender expression and gender identity


Through BABELNOR we will be better equipped to achieve concrete results and progress in creating equality for all with no exceptions