Campaign 2014

The BABELNOR Campaign 2014


On the photo: the black "no hate" heart for the European Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crime


The BABELNOR network has the last 3 years been developing from a founding workshop, to a grand scale capacity building seminar. This year we wanted to do something different, expanding from one yearly event to a series of event linked together in what's become the BABELNOR Campaign of 2014.


Actually, it's not our campaign. The campaign belongs to everyone. It was started by the Council of Europe Youth Department and is open for all who wish to follow. The No Hate Speech Movement is a human rights campaign against hate speech online. The campaign aims amonst others to raise awareness and make people take action against hate speech.


The focus of the BABELNOR network has in 2014 been on introducing an extra focus on LGBTQ* youth in the No Hate Speech Movement and do joint campaign actions against hate speech. In this we have a series of events.


1. Campaign workgroup

The workgroup was founded already in 2013 to follow up the input from the capacity building seminar earlier that spring in Sarajevo. Consisting of people from 5 different countries working together to plan and execute actions for the network, including the campaign workshop. Through the four workgroup meetings the workgroup plan, implement, finalize and evaluate the following three actions of the strategy.


2. Campaign actions

Through 2014 the network will do 5 campaign actions. The first took place already the 17th of May 2014, on IDAHOT. The second is the 22nd of July and the European Day for the Victims of Hate Crime. The third will be at the campaign workshop and the two last will take place afterwards back in the host organisations.


The action days and actions will be published at the campaign website - - here you will also find info about how you can join in with BABELNOR in the fight against homophobic and transphobic hate speech.


3. Campaign workshop

This is perhaps the main event of the strategy. Here participants from all member organisations gather for a five day workshop where we explore hate speech, activism and advocacy. This is also where we plan three of the actions and lay the road for the counter narrative.


4. Counter narrative

The Counter Narrative on how to respond to online homophobic and transphobic hate speech that will include the experiences and activities made through the campaign year. It will be made available online and offline.


Next action

The next action day at the moment this text was made is the 22nd of July - which we work and hope to see as an European Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crime. To many states do way to little to recognize and prevent hate crime in taking place. A day to remember and commemorate the victims will restore respect and give justice to the ones affected. Sign the petition here.




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The network aims to better the situation for LGBTQ*-youth in the Balkans, BElarus, Ukraine and the Nordic countries (Babelnor) and to empower and encourage youth participation.


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